Noel Kilpatrick is a long established county Monaghan based concrete specialist and general building contractor, providing quality concreting and full building services throughout county Monaghan.

With over 30 years experience in the construction and concreting industries, Noel Kilpatrick has the expertise to provide a specialist concreting service and professional building services to commercial and residential clients in the Monaghan and surrounding areas.

Noel Kilpatrick provides the following services all over the Monaghan area; Building services include; concreting, commercial concreting, building services, local builders, concrete laying, construction contractor, building contractor and residential builders.

Monaghan's general concrete contractor Noel Kilpatrick can undertake large or small concreting projects in Monaghan and is fully experienced in all aspects of concreting services.

This Monaghan based concrete contractor Noel Kilpatrick is fuly qualified and provides a professional concrete service, consultations and advice from the project design stage to final completion in Monaghan.

Fully qualified in construction, Noel Kilpatrick can provide all types of concreting services in Monaghan including; concreting for new builds, concreting extensions, building foundations, factory floors, paths, roads, poultry houses, laying floors, concreting driveways, backyards and affordable concreting.

This concrete specialist Noel Kilpatrick provides a full specialist concreting service in Monaghan and with advanced production techniques they can provide a very high quality concrete with easy clean finishes and colours.

Fully regulated and insured Noel Kilpatrick provides specialist concreting services where quality work is guaranteed in the Monaghan and surrounding areas.

Concreting expert Noel Kilpatrick provides the following specialist concreting services in Monaghan including coloured concrete, stencil finish concrete, core sandpaper finish, textured finishes and finishes that look like tile, brick, slate and stone.

Noel Kilpatrick is a qualified building contractor specialising in providing poultry housing services using pre cast panels and insulated concrete walls throughout the Monaghan area.

Pre Cast insulated poultry panels are the perfect solution for new build poultry housing, experienced builder Noel Kilpatrick can build poultry housing fast using pre cast panels installed with a waterproof and airtight seal which helps to reduce in-house perspiration and reduce the collection of dust and bacteria providing a clean and safe environment for poultry.

Monaghan building contractor Noel Kilpatrick provides the following farm building services in Monaghan; building poultry housing, pre cast poultry housing, farm building service, concrete hen houses and poultry housing design.

For Further information please call 042 9745 202 / 087 259 358