Temporary workers, Monaghan  Co Monaghan

Temporary workers provide a workers on demand service from their base in Castleblayney County Monaghan.. Temporary workers are available in all types of work including production workers, packers , store workers.We also have fully trained and licenced forklift and reachtruck drivers. All temporary workers are prepared to work flexible hours in any type of industries where factory temporary workers are required.

At Temporary workers we always endeavour to provide you with right temporary staff.

Temporary workers have many contract workers on their files with experience and skills in contract work to the area that you may be looking for temporary contract workers in.  At Temporary Workers we always have temporary contract workers available at short notice and Temporary Workers can be contacted outside office hours.  

Temporary workers always use temporary staff that are accustomed to your workplace and have the skills you require for your temporary staff.

Temporary Workers always try and use workers who have worked with your company on previous occasions and are familiar with your temporary work procedures and surroundings. We offer all our temporary workers to companies requiring temporary staff at very keen rates and all our temporary staff are fully insured.

Food Monaghan Cleaning Service.

 Monaghan Cleaning Service provides a contract food operation cleaning service in Monaghan and surrounding countys such as Louth, Meath and Cavan.. All our Cleaning staff is chemically trained in all aspects of food fctory cleaning. Our Factory Cleaning Contract Staff are flexible with regard starting times and will always insure that the cleaning of your premises is complete prior to your starting time to ensure there is no downtime or loss in production .We offer our service on a daily/nightly basis. 

Cleaning Service Monaghan provides factory cleaners on an on going basis and commercial cleaners available at all times.

Cleaning Service Monaghan provides factory cleaners on an on going basis and commercial cleaners available at all times. Extra factory cleaners are always available when required ensuring your premises are cleaned no matter how busy you are. Power washing in factories is one of our specialities and when required we can also power wash the exterior of your factory .

For more information on Temporary Workers contact Powerpac Contractors Limited

Ronan Corrigan on 086 8565730 (Office Hours) or John Sheridan 086 8384145 anytime