Catering Monaghan - Greene's Catering Ltd LogoGreene's Catering Ltd Monaghan Service VanGreene’s Catering Ltd are a catering company in Monaghan, who specialise in providing a complete range of catering services throughout all areas of County Monaghan.

As a professional caterer in Monaghan, Alan, proprietor of Greene’s Catering Ltd, is a fully qualified chef with over 20 years’ experience in the catering industry, is FSAI approved, HACCP compliant, and with a team of highly experienced caterers, provides a complete range of catering services throughout County Monaghan.

The catering services in Monaghan provided by Greene’s Catering Ltd includes: event catering, party catering, after funeral catering, private catering, corporate catering and all catering services.

Party Catering Monaghan - Greene's Catering MonaghanParty catering in Monaghan is a speciality of Greene’s Catering Ltd.

Highly experienced in catering for all types of occasion, Alan can advise on the most suitable menus for individual events, large and small parties can be catered for, a wide range of dishes are available, and free quotations on party catering in Monaghan are provided.

The party catering services in Monaghan provided by Greene’s Catering Ltd includes: 21st party catering, wedding party catering, private party catering, event catering, communion catering, confirmation catering, indoor event catering, outdoor event catering, home catering, marquee catering and all party catering services.

After funeral hospitality catering Monaghan - Greene's Catering Ltd.After funeral hospitality catering in Monaghan is carried out by Greene’s Catering Ltd.

Familiar with all aspects of funeral catering, Alan’s team of professional wait staff provide a complete range of funeral hospitality catering services, cutlery and crockery are available with all catering services, and after funeral catering in Monaghan can be arranged at short notice.

The after funeral hospitality catering services in Monaghan provided by Greene’s Catering Ltd includes: anniversary catering, month’s mind catering, funeral catering, community centre catering, private home catering, church hall catering and all after funeral catering services.

Corporate Catering Monaghan - Greene's Catering Ltd.Corporate catering in Monaghan is provided by Greene’s Catering Ltd.

With a fleet of HSE approved catering vehicles equipped with modern catering equipment, Alan is familiar with the catering requirements of all business sectors, catering for indoor and outdoor events is provided, large and small corporate events can be catered for, and corporate catering in Monaghan is available at times to suit individual requirements.

The corporate catering services in Monaghan provided by Greene’s Catering includes: indoor corporate catering, outdoor corporate catering, charity event catering, community event catering, school event catering, promotional event catering, business promotion catering, team building event catering and all corporate catering services.

For more information on catering in Monaghan phone Alan 087 130 5410.