Kieran McKenna Staircases are staircase manufacturers in Monaghan who specialise in manufacturing and installing custom made timber staircases throughout County Monaghan.

As Monaghan staircase manufacturers, Kieran, proprietor of Kieran McKenna Staircases, has many years experience in bespoke timber staircase design and all stairs manufactured can be delivered and fitted throughout County Monaghan.

The staircase services in Monaghan provided by Kieran McKenna Staircases include; stair manufacturing, stair fitting, stair design and stair installation.

Staircases in Monaghan are manufactured and installed by Kieran McKenna Staircases.

Experienced in manufacturing staircases in all designs, to ensure staircases are manufactured to exact specifications, a staircase measuring service is available and Kieran’s stair manufacturing workshop in Monaghan is equipped with the latest stair manufacturing equipment.

The staircases in Monaghan manufactured and installed by Kieran McKenna Staircases include; straight staircases, quarter landing staircases, half landing staircases, winder staircases, single winder staircases, double winder staircases, arched staircases, spiral staircases and compact staircases.

Image of staircase in Monaghan designed by Kieran McKenna Staircases, staircases in Monaghan are designed by Kieran McKenna StaircasesDesigning bespoke timber staircases in Monaghan is a speciality of Kieran McKenna Staircases.

Specialising in designing custom timber staircases, Kieran McKenna Staircases can advise on staircase designs for individual buildings, traditional and contemporary newel posts, handrails and spindles are manufactured, staircases can be matched to existing décor and bespoke timber staircases are available in a wide range of wood types.

The timber staircases in Monaghan produced by Kieran McKenna Staircases include; oak staircases, mahogany staircases, walnut staircases, red deal staircases and ash staircases.

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