Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage Ltd. logoGabriel McCaffrey Haulage Limited are bulk image of service vehicles from Gabriel McCaffreyhaulage contractors in Scotstown, County Monaghan, who specialise in providing bulk haulage throughout Ireland.

As a bulk haulage contractor in Monaghan, Gabriel McCaffrey, proprietor of Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage has over 25 years experience in the bulk haulage sector, is TASCC assured for food traceability and provides nationwide bulk haulage transport.

The bulk haulage in Ireland provided by Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage's includes; HGV bulk haulage, bulk haulage transportation, contract bulk haulage, contact animal feed haulage and bulk haulier services.

image of bulk haulage truck from Gabriel McCaffreyWith a range of bulk haulage articulated trailers and 3 Volvo Globetrotters, Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage is available to transport animal feedstuffs directly to farms.

With built in climate control systems, Gabriel's fleet of modern Volvo Globetrotter articulated lorries have integrated real time navigation and GPS tracking, lorries are cleaned and serviced regularly and all lorries are parked in secure locked premises when not in use.

The bulk haulage in Ireland provided by Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage includes; animal feed bulk haulage, pig feed bulk haulage, bulk haulage of animal foodstuffs, bulk animal feed haulage, bulk pig feed haulage, bulk pig feed transport and bulk animal feed transport.

image of truck from Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage Ltd.With a committed workforce, Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage ensures all scheduled collection and delivery times are adhered to and Gabriel is in contact with drivers at all times.

As a client focused bulk haulage company, Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage's office staff and ground crew have years of expertise in haulage and transport logistics and all drivers are fully insured with HGV licences and hold Commercial Driver Certificates of Professional Competence.

The bulk haulage in Ireland provided by Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage includes transport of; animal feed to farmers, pig feed manufacturers to pig farms and animal feed manufacturers to dairy farms.

image of bulk haulage vehicles from Gabriel McCaffreyProviding contract bulk haulage in Ireland is a speciality of Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage.

Transporting bulk haulage throughout Ireland, Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage provides nationwide bulk haulage collection and delivery and all bulk haulage complies with internationally recognised standard IS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

The bulk haulage in Ireland provided by Gabriel McCaffrey Haulage includes; contract bulk haulage bulk haulage contracts, bulk haulier contracts, contract bulk hauliers, bulk transport contracts, contract bulk transportation, long term contrat bulk haulage and short term contract bulk haulage.

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For more information on bulk haulage in Ireland phone - 087 254 4952.

Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops

Providing independent verification that the trade is meeting food safety laws by ensuring that crops of grain, oilseeds and pulses are treated responsibly once they leve the farm. Includes wheat processed by flour millers and malting barley for the brewers and distillers in the drinks industry.