Desi Flynn Hypno-coach provides a professional hypnotherapy service for adults and children in County Waterford.

With many years experience as a Hyno-coach in Waterford, Desi Flynn uses the art of hypnotherapy to help clients in waterford in many ways including, stop smoking, weight loss and stress management.

Desi Flynn Hypno-coach provides the following hypnotherapy services in Waterford, hypnosis, hypno-coach, hypnotherapy for children and hypnotherapy for adults. Based in county Waterford Desi Flynn Hypno-coach has clients coming from all over the Waterford area including Tramore, Dungarvin, Dunmore east, Ardmore and Lismore. Desi, Waterford Hynotist practices hynotherapy to help people stop smoking, manage stress, provides stress management and help with panic attacks as well as weight loss and many other conditions.

As a certified consulting Waterford hypnotist, Desi Flynn Hypno-coach is fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of hypnotherapy services and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

As a Long established hypnotherapist Desi Flynn hypnotherapy service has a very high success rate for both children and adults in Waterford City and County Waterford.

The Hypnotherapy services provided by Desi Flynn have great benefits to the following conditions including, Fears and Phobias, Panic attacks, IBS, Insomnia and Depression, confidence building, exam preparation, managing fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, emotional freedom technique (tapping) and hep overcome public speaking fear by hypnotherapy.

As a fully qualified weight management hypnotist, Desi Flynn Hypno-Coach can provide advice on all types of weight management.

Weight management hypnotherapist Desi Flynn Hypno-Coach can advise on all aspects of weight management including, healthy weight loss, gastric band hypnosis, emotional eating, over eating, weight control, stop comfort eating and change eating habits forever.

Desi Flynn Hypnotherapist in Waterford provides a stop smoking service to people suffering from nicotine addiction throughout Waterford.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking include the following benefits and services; quitting smoking, quitting nicotine, nicotine addiction, addiction to cigarettes, smoking addiction, tobacco chewing, stopping pipe smoking, stopping snuff addiction, tobacco smoking, quit tobacco smoking and stop tobacco odours and quit smoking fast with lasting positive results.

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