Car Servicing Waterford. Logocar repair waterford, O'Brien MotorsO'Brien Motors is a car repair garage in Waterford specialising in car servicing and vehicle repairs on all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercials in their Waterford auto repair centre.  

As a local car repair garage in Waterford, O’Brien Motors have been in the motor trade for over 50 years and have a team of fully qualified mechanics who are highly experienced in all aspects of vehicle servicing and repairs.

The auto repair services in Waterford provided by O'Brien Motors include; car servicing, van servicing, car repairs, van repairs, light commercial servicing, car diagnostics, NCT repairs, Pre NCT checks, DOE repairs and pre DOE checks.

car servicing waterfordCar servicing in Waterford is provided by O’Brien Motors.

Familiar with all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars, vans and light commercials, the highly trained mechanics in O’Brien Motors provide high quality servicing at competitive rates.

The car servicing in Waterford available from O’Brien Motors includes diesel servicing and petrol servicing for all makes and models including; Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford, Opel, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Renault, Fiat, Hyundai, Honda and Citroen.

car diagnostics waterfordCar diagnostics in Waterford is available in O’Brien Motors.

Using the latest vehicle diagnostics equipment, O’Brien Motor’s mechanics quickly and efficiently diagnose all types of mechanical and electrical vehicle faults with most diagnostics repairs carried out on the same day.

The car diagnostics in Waterford provided by O’Brien Motors diagnoses vehicle faults including; ABS warning light on, brake warning light on, engine light on, engine temperature warning light on, engine faults, smokey exhaust, warning lights on dash, battery light on, electrical problems, wiring problems, window switches not working, fuel gauge problems and car not locking.

car repair waterford o'brien motorsCar repair in Waterford is a specialty of O’Brien Motors.

Knowledgeable of common problems in all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercials, the experienced mechanics in O’Brien Motors quickly identify and repair vehicle faults with free estimates available on all work carried out.

The car repair in Waterford available from O’Brien Motors includes; engine repair, exhaust repair, exhaust welding, brake repair, suspension repair, suspension replacement, battery replacement, alternator repair, clutch replacement, gearbox repair, timing belt replacement, timing chains and head gasket replacement.

nct check waterfordNCT checks in Waterford are provided by O’Brien Motors.

With modern vehicle lifts and equipment, O’Brien Motor’s mechanics thoroughly inspect vehicles before NCT and DOE and can source spare parts at short notice if required.

The NCT checks in Waterford available from O’Brien Motors include; suspension check, tyre check, wheel check, affordable NCT check, emissions testing, safety check, cheap pre NCT check, headlight check, electrical system check, chassis and underbody check and fluid level check.

For more information call O’Brien Motors on: 051 876 353 or 087 223 4384