Tully Monumental Stoneworks are memorial and headstone restoration specialists in Westmeath who provide grave maintenance and headstone cleaning in County Westmeath.

As Westmeath maintenance contractors, Tommy, proprietor of Tully Monumental Stoneworks, has over 30 years experience in grave maintenance, is familiar in cleaning all types of headstones and provides a complete headstone inscription service throughout County Westmeath.

The grave upkeep in Westmeath provided by Tully Monumental Stoneworks includes; grave maintenance, headstone cleaning, headstone inscriptions in all areas of Westmeath including Oldcastle, Castlepollard, Clonmellon, Rathowen, Delvin and Mullingar.

Grave maintenance in Westmeath is provided by Tully Monumental Stoneworks.

Familiar in grave restoration in all cemeteries in Westmeath, Tommy is experienced in repairing grave surroundings on old graves, has machinery that can access grave plots in contained areas and damaged grave kerbing can be repaired.  

The grave maintenance in Westmeath available from Tully Monumental Stoneworks includes repairing or replacing; grave kerbing, grave topsoil, grave chippings, decorative stone and grave corner pieces.

Headstone cleaning in Westmeath is available from Tully Monumental Stoneworks.

Experienced in cleaning headstones of all materials, Tully Monumental Stoneworks can advise on what cleaning method is best suited to individual headstones and headstone cleaning can be arranged at short notice.

The headstone cleaning in Westmeath available from Tully Monumental Stone Works includes cleaning; marble headstones, limestone headstones, handmade headstones, black granite headstones, grey granite headstones, Pandora granite headstones, green pearl granite headstones, blue lagoon granite headstones, Bertanie granite headstones and grave kerbing.

Carving headstone inscriptions in Westmeath is a speciality of Tully Monumental Stoneworks.

Familiar in font styles commonly used in headstone inscriptions, Tommy carves headstone inscriptions in desired fonts, older headstones fonts can be replicated, lettering can be natural, painted with enamel or gilded and existing headstone inscriptions can be re-gilded.

The headstone inscriptions in Westmeath carved by Tully Monumental Stoneworks include; hand carved headstone inscription, hand cut gravestone inscription, headstone inscription, grave memorial inscription and additional name inscription. 

For more information phone 087 2542 544 or 049 899 5004