Pat Carolan Farm SuppliesPat Carolan Farm Supplies are a farm supply shop in Delvin, County Westmeath, that specialise in supplying a complete range of farming products and general farm supplies in their farm supply store in Westmeath.

Pat Carolan Farm SuppliesAs a farm supplies specialist in Westmeath, Pat Carolan, proprietor of Pat Carolan Farm Supplies, has many years' experience in supplying farm products, carries a large stock of animal feeds and agricultural supplies from all leading agricultural manufacturers, and the full range of general farm supplies is available from his state-of-the-art farm supply shop in Delvin, Westmeath.

The farm supplies in Westmeath supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies include: animal feed, livestock feed, fertiliser, farm hardware, farm tools, fencing, gates, livestock supplements, and farm animal health products.

Supplying animal feed in Westmeath is a speciality of Pat Carolan Farm Supplies.

Pat Carolan Farm SuppliesHighly knowledgeable about the nutritional requirements for all types of livestock, Pat will advise on what animal feed is best suited for individual livestock needs, a wide range of livestock feed and supplements are supplied, large and small quantities of animal feed are available, and free estimates on bulk animal feed in Westmeath are provided.

The animal feed in Westmeath supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies includes: Corby animal feed, Paul & Vincent livestock feed, Red Mills starter meal, cattle meal, dairy cow feed, beef cattle feed, chicken meal, poultry feed, pig feed, calf meal, horse feed, milk replacer, and animal feed additives.

Pat Carolan Farm SuppliesFertiliser in Westmeath is supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies.

As a local fertiliser supplier in Westmeath, Pat stocks a wide variety of fertilisers for agricultural use, large and small bags of fertiliser are available, enhanced fertilisers are supplied, and delivery of fertiliser throughout Westmeath and surrounding areas can be arranged at short notice.

The fertiliser in Westmeath supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies includes: enhanced fertilisers, nitrogen fertiliser, N fertiliser, P fertiliser, K fertiliser, lime fertiliser, maize starter fertiliser, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, potassium chloride, and potash.

General farm supplies in Westmeath are available from Pat Carolan Farm Supplies.

Pat Carolan Farm SuppliesSupplying all leading brands of agricultural tools and equipment, a wide range of agricultural hardware suitable for all farming tasks is available, specialised agricultural tools can be sourced if required, and Pat can advise on the most suitable agricultural equipment for individual farm projects in Westmeath and surrounding areas.

The general farm supplies in Westmeath supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies includes: Glanbia farm hardware, farm equipment, bailing twine, piping, drainage pipe, locks, chains, galvanized sheeting, fence posts, fencing, farm gates, electric fencing, livestock feeders, livestock drinkers, round feeders, cattle crushes, flat steel, angle steel, steel bars, RSJs, rolled steel, steel plates, reinforced steel, mesh, steel boxes, steel angles, and steel channels.

A wide range of wellies, boots and waterproof workwear are supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies.

Pat Carolan Farm Supplies - Wellies As an agricultural workwear and footwear suppliers in Westmeath, Pat supplies waterproof clothing and agricultural workwear suitable for all outdoor projects, wellies and boots are available in a range of styles and sizes, wellies and waterproof boots ideal for festivals, country walks and everyday farming are supplied, a full range of rainwear and Flexothane clothing is available, and all agricultural workwear and waterproof clothing supplied is affordable and hard-wearing.

The waterproof workwear in Westmeath supplied by Part Carolan Farm Supplies includes: agricultural workwear, waterproof clothing, waders, wellingtons, wellies, waterproof footwear, waterproof boots, agricultural footwear, Flexothane clothing, walking boots, agricultural protection clothing, agricultural PPE, waterproof PPE and all waterproof and agricultural workwear.

Farm animal health products in Westmeath are available from Pat Carolan Farm Supplies.

Pat Carolan Farm SuppliesLicenced to sell livestock nutritional products, Pat supplies dietary supplements for all farm animals, mineral licks and salt licks are stocked, animal blankets and thermometers are available, and all livestock dietary products sold by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies comply with European Animal Feed Regulations.

The farm animal health products in Westmeath supplied by Pat Carolan Farm Supplies include: cattle health products, pig health products, dairy cow health products, equestrian health products, sheep health products, poultry health products, animal nutrition, animal supplements, livestock feed additives, hoof care products, calf colostrum, animal grooming equipment, Ivomec, lamb feeders, calf blankets, splints, dehorners, debudders, drenchers, thermometers, calving aids, salt licks, boluses, and Glanbia animal health products.

For more information on farm supplies in Westmeath, call 044 966 4291 or 087 069 6321