Scally Precast Ltd are Westmeath concrete precast manufactures providing a full range of precast concrete products Westmeath and surrounding counties.

Manufacturing agricultural concrete precast products forms a large part of Scally Precast Ltd, with all precast concrete, grant approved and delivery and fitting of cattle slats is available throughout the Midlands.

The precast concrete in Westmeath, manufactured by Scally Precast Ltd can be delivered and fitted in; Westmeath, Meath; Offaly; Laois; Roscommon and Tipperary.

Cattle slats in Westmeath, Meath, Offaly, Laois, Roscommon and Tipperary are available from Scally Precast Ltd.

With over 15 years experience in manufacturing cattle slats, Scally Precast Ltd are on the Accepted Concrete Slat List, can advise on what type of slats are best suited to individual requirements and all cattle slats are grant approved.

The agricultural slats available from Scally Precast Ltd include; cattle slats, manhole slabs, manhole slats, standard slats, heavy duty slats, concrete slats and tractor carrying slats.

Concrete fencing products in Westmeath is manufactured by Scally Precast Ltd.

All concrete fencing posts are steel reinforced and concrete gate posts is designed for hanging large agricultural gates.

The concrete fencing products available in Westmeath from Scally Precast Ltd includes; Concrete posts, concrete panel fencing, heavy concrete gate posts and concrete post strainers.

Building concrete products in Westmeath are available in Scally Precast Ltd.

Made-to-order precast concrete products can be manufactured to specifications and deliver is available in Westmeath, Meath, Offaly, Laois, Roscommon and Tipperary.

The concrete products in Westmeath provided by Scally Precast Ltd include; precast concrete made to order, concrete kerbing, concrete lintels, concrete window sills, concrete heads and precast concrete.

For more information phone  044 922 3211 - 087 793 3736