GD Services are sawmillers in County Westmeath who specialise in providing onsite sawmill hire and timber milling in their Westmeath sawmill.

As a local sawmill in Westmeath, Gerry Dowdall, proprietor of GD Services has over 20 years experience in timber milling and his Westmeath sawmill has modern log handling equipment enabling the sawmilling of all types of wood.

The services provided by GD Services, Westmeath sawmill include; sawmilling, mobile sawmill, timber milling, on site sawmill, firewood processing, tree removal and tree felling.

Sawmilling trees to construction/structural timber and fencing posts is a speciality of GD Services sawmill in Westmeath.

The sawmill blades can be adjusted to cut wood precisely in a wide range of lengths and widths and with machinery to lift heavy trees on to sawmill table all size of trees can be processed.

The sawmill service in Westmeath provided by GD Services includes sawmilling trees to; timber posts, gate posts, fence posts, railings, roof trusses, decking, wood flooring and natural edged planks wihic can be used in the construction of table tops, stools, benches, cladding, flooring, partitioning, mantle pieces and garden furniture.

Onsite mobile sawmill hire in Westmeath is provided by GD Services.

Using a Norwood LumberPro HD36 Portable Band Sawmill which handles heavy logs and accurately mills trees, Gerry brings his mobile sawmill directly to site and cuts required size of planks from trees.  

The mobile sawmill in Westmeath provided by GD Services has the following benefits including; cutting trees to planks on site, affordable tree milling, firewood cut on site and cost effective wood cutting.

Cutting trees for firewood in Westmeath is a speciality of GD Services.

Cutting firewood to fit all size of stoves, Gerry processes trees into firewood, trees for firewood can be cut onsite and storage for drying out cut firewood is available.

The firewood in Westmeath provided by GD Services includes; on site firewood cutting, on site wood chopping, on site log splitting, bulk firewood delivery and firewood for boilers.

Mature trees in Westmeath are purchased by GD Services.

All types of mature trees standing or windfall are purchased, mature trees can be collected at short notice and Gerry can give an estimate of trees worth by phone.    

The mature trees in Westmeath purchased by GD Services include; standing trees, storm damaged trees, fallen trees, dead trees, hardwood trees, softwood trees, ash, oak, beech, larch and yew.


For more information call Gerry Dowdall on 087 9677 694