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J Mul Construction are bricklaying contractors in Mullingar, County Westmeath who provide a complete range of brick building services, block laying services and private home building in Mullingar and throughout all areas of County Westmeath.

brick building services WestmeathAs a fully qualified Westmeath bricklayer, Jonathon Mulvany, owner of J Mul Construction, is fully insured, VAT registered, highly experienced in all aspects of bricklaying and block laying and undertakes all bricklaying projects in Mullingar and throughout County Westmeath.

The building services in Mullingar and County Westmeath carried out by J Mul Construction includes; bricklaying, block laying, building brick houses, bricklaying subcontracting, block laying subcontracting, private home building and all types of block building.

Building brick houses in Mullingar and Westmeath is a speciality of J Mul Construction.

brick wall building county WestmeathFamiliar with all brick building techniques, Jonathon completes brick house building from start to finish, brick archways are built to specifications, face brickwork is carried out and with all the tools and equipment required, large and small brick building projects in Mullingar and Westmeath are provided.

The bricklaying services in Mullingar and Westmeath provided by J Mul Construction includes; interior brickwork, exterior brickwork, subcontracting bricklayer, house building bricklayer, house extensions bricklayer, brick chimney building and the building of; brick walls, brick piers, brick garden walls, brick fireplaces, brick features, brick barbecues and all types of bricklaying.

Block laying in Mullingar and Westmeath is carried out by J Mul Construction.

block laying in Mullingar County WestmeathWith 25 years’ experience in concrete block laying, Jonathon ensures all walls are correctly squared prior to block building, all types of concrete block laying is available, face block building is carried out and estimates on block building in Mullingar and Westmeath are available.

The block laying services in Mullingar and Westmeath provided by J Mul Construction include; block laying, block building subcontracting, cavity block laying, solid block laying, interlocking block laying and building block houses, building block house extensions, building block walls, building block garden walls and all types of block laying.

For more information on block laying and bricklaying in Mullingar and Westmeath phone 085 723 8836

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