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Pro Plumb are professional plumbers in Mullingar, who specialise in providing a complete plumbing service in Mullingar and surrounding areas.

Qualified plumber MullingarAs a local plumber in Mullingar, Lorcan Kilmurray, proprietor of Pro Plumb, has over 25 years' experience in the plumbing industry, fully insured, VAT registered, and with the latest plumbing equipment, all plumbing services in Mullingar are undertaken.

The plumbing services in Mullingar provided by Pro Plumb include: bathroom plumbing, solar panel installation, water filtration system installation, commercial plumbing, and domestic plumbing.

Bathroom plumbing in Mullingar is provided by Pro Plumb

Bathroom plumbing repairs MullingarHighly experienced in all aspects of bathroom plumbing, faults in plumbing are thoroughly inspected, bathroom plumbing system problems are repaired, and Lorcan offers free quotes on bathroom upgrades in Mullingar.

The bathroom plumbing services in Mullingar provided by Pro Plumb include: bathroom renovation, shower installation, bathroom remodelling, leak detection, shower repair, and toilet repairs.

Water filtration systems in Mullingar are installed by Pro Plumb.

Water filtration system installation MullingarVery familiar with the different water supplies in Westmeath, Lorcan will recommend what water purification system is most suitable in particular areas, water treatments can be supplied, and water filtration systems in Mullingar can be installed at short notice.

The water filtration systems in Westmeath available from Pro Plumb include: water filters, water purification, water softeners, and water treatments which are ideal for removing any of the following from water: bad taste, bad odours, minerals, and rust.

Solar panel installations in Mullingar are carried out by Pro Plumb.

Solar panel installations MullingarAs a registered SEAI contractor (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland), Lorcan is knowledgeable on the available SEAI grants, solar panel installation services are provided, faults in solar panels are repaired quickly, and solar panels in Mullingar can be installed at times to suit individual requirements.

The renewable energy and solar panels available in Mullingar and Westmeath from Pro Plumb include: solar panels installation, solar panel repairs, and provides the following benefits including: cheaper energy costs, lower water heating, environmentally friendly energy, and energy efficient heading.  

Geothermal air-to-water heating systems in Mullingar and Westmeath are installed by Pro Plumb.

Air to water heat pumps MullingarAir-to-water heat pumps can be connected to existing heating systems, spare parts commonly required for servicing heat pumps are stocked, smart temperature control thermostats can be fitted for remote heating control, and Lorcan provides advice on installing air to water heat pumps in Mullingar for particular properties.

The geothermal air-to-water heating systems in Westmeath provided by Pro Plumb include: efficient air to water heat pump systems, environmentally friendly heat pump systems, grant approved air to water heat pump systems, and affordable air to water heat pumps.

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