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CM Groundworks are groundworks contractors in County Wexford, who provide a complete range of groundworks services throughout all areas of County Wexford.

Groundworks Contracting in WexfordAs Wexford groundworks contractors, CM Groundworks are fully insured, VAT registered, owned and operated by Anthony and Paul Byrne, who have over 15 years’ experience in groundworks contracting, and equipped with modern heavy plant and machinery, all types of ground works projects in Wexford are undertaken.

The groundwork services in Wexford provided by CM Groundworks include: site development, site clearances, drainage installations, concrete laying, and driveway construction.

Site preparation in Wexford is a speciality of CM Groundworks.

Site clearence in WexfordAll aspects of site clearance are carried out, ground can be excavated to required depth, foundations are dug to specifications, excess soil and earth can be removed, sub walls are built to floor levels, and CM Groundworks provide quotations on site clearances and site preparation in County Wexford.

The site clearances in Wexford carried out by CM Groundworks include: site clearances for agricultural buildings, site clearances for house building, site preparation, site excavations, commercial site clearances, and all types of site clearances.

Pipe trenching in Wexford is carried out by CM Groundworks.

Pipe laying in WexfordTrenching for all pipe works is carried out, laser levels are used to ensure exact trench gradients, bedding material for pipes is deposited, all pipes are securely connected and laid, all trenches are backfilled with appropriate materials, and CM Groundworks undertake large and small trenching contracts in Wexford.

The trenching services in Wexford provided by CM Groundworks include: wastewater system excavation, water pipe trenching, septic tank excavation, sewerage pipe installation, electrical duct trenching, septic tank installations, and septic tank percolation areas.

Concreting in Wexford is carried out by CM Groundworks.

Concreting foundations in WexfordWith all the concreting equipment required for concrete laying, all concreting projects in Wexford are undertaken, all concrete work is carried out from start to finish, and all work carried out by CM Groundworks is compliant with all health and safety regulations.

The concreting in Wexford available from CM Groundworks includes: concreting floors, concreting pathways, farmyard concreting, driveway concreting, concreting slatted units, and all concreting services.

For more information on groundworks in Wexford, phone Paul on 085 231 8707 or Anthony on 085 133 8731