Car servicing Rosslare, logoCar Doc is a car servicing garage in Rosslare, County Wexford who specialises in servicing all makes of vehicles in their Rosslare car servicing centre.

 local mechanic in RosslareAs a local mechanic in Rosslare, Liam Lacey, proprietor of Car Doc is a fully qualified mechanic, highly experienced in servicing all makes of vehicles, and with a fully equipped car servicing garage, all vehicle servicing projects in Rosslare are undertaken.

The vehicle servicing in Rosslare provided by Car Doc includes: car servicing, van servicing, light commercial servicing, NCT pre-test checks and repairing NCT failures.

Car servicing in Rosslare is a speciality of Car Doc.

Car repairs, RosslareHighly knowledgeable in faults common to particular makes of cars, Liam uses the latest car diagnostic equipment which pinpoints car faults accurately and quickly, commonly required spare parts for car servicing are stocked, and Liam can arrange car servicing in Rosslare at short notice.

The car servicing in Rosslare provided by Car Doc includes: petrol car servicing, diesel car servicing and servicing all makes and models of cars including: Citroen, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mini, Peugeot, Opel, Mercedes, Ford, Hyundai, Vauxhall, Dacia, Volkswagen, Renault, Honda, and Audi.

Timing chain and timing belt replacements in Rosslare are carried out by Car Doc.

Timing belt replacements, RosslareAll major car repairs are carried out, car clutches can be replaced, problems in car suspensions and car brakes are resolved, new brake disks are fitted and Liam can provide collection and return on cars for servicing in his Rosslare Car Servicing Centre.

The major car repair services in Rosslare provided by Car Doc includes: clutch replacements, timing belt replacements, timing chain replacements, car brake repairs, car radiator replacements, car battery replacements, car suspension replacements and all car repairs.

Pre-NCT checks and repairing NCT failures in Rosslare are available in Car Doc.

NCT failure repairs, RosslareFamiliar with common causes of NCT failures in particular makes of cars, Liam’s Rosslare car garage provides NCT checks on all car makes, can advise if cars comply with NCT standards, advice on likely causes for NCT failure is provided, pre-NCT repairs are carried out, and faults listed on NCT fail reports can be repaired.

The NCT faults repaired by Car Doc’s Rosslare Car Servicing Garage includes: faulty suspensions, engine emissions, faulty lights alignment, faulty brakes, wheel alignment, faulty brake hubs and all NCT faults.

For more information on car servicing in Rosslare, phone 087 7457211