Power Washing and Spray Painting Newry are a specialists cleaning company with the most up to date power hosing equipment enabling them to power wash all types of surfaces.

As a power hosing and spray painting company based in Newry, County Down power washing newry is available in the following counties including; Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Down and Armagh.

The domestic power hosing service provided by Power Washing and Spray Painting Newry include the cleaning and power washing of, Roofs, Driveways, Patios, Footpaths, Walls.

Agriculture Power Hosing in Newry speciality of this Northern Ireland Power Washing Company.

The power washers at this Agriculture Power Hosing Company are specially trained in all aspects of farm hygiene and can recognise the areas to concentrate on to eliminate viruses and other organisms that can create problems to live stock and blood stock.

The agricultural power jetting services provided in Newry by Power Washing and Spray Painting Newry include cleaning the following; Farm Yards, Farm Buildings, Slatted Units, Milking Parlours, Pig Units, Calving Sheds, Sheep Sheds. Thorough power hose cleaning disinfecting on farm buildings and animal housing can prevent the following infectious diseases including; Brucellosis, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, pleurisy, Scrapie, Blackleg, Calf Scours, Scours, Footrot, Leptospirosis, Ringworm and Strangles.

An Agricultural Paint Spraying service is provided throughout Newry and County Down. By using a high powered air compressor Malachy and company can spray paint lines and reach long distances thus cutting the time required to spray paint farm buildings.

The spray painters at this Farm Building Paint Spraying specialist recognises the importance of having each farm building cleaned properly before commencing to spray paint the farm building. All roofs are thoroughly cleaned and undercoat paint will be used if required.

This north east agricultural paint spraying company is available to paint spray the following including; Farm Buildings, Hayshed’s, Milking Parlours, Farm roofs, Horse stables, Calving Sheds, Foaling sheds and Lambing pens.

Power washing and spray painting tiles and roofs in Newry is a speciality of Malachy and his highly trained staff.

Power washing and spray painting Newry provide the following services, power washing asbestos tyles, repointing asbestos tiles, spraying asbestos tiles to specified colour of your choice. Concrete tiles pointed, concrete tiles spray painted and power hosed, tiles recoated.