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Bespoke brick fireplace design from Brendan MullenBrendan Mullen is a bespoke brick structure designer in Ireland who specialises in designing bespoke brick structures and bespoke brick building throughout Ireland.

As a qualified brick layer, Brendan has studied all types of brick building techniques, has devised new concepts on how to build unique brick structures and consultations on the building of innovative brick structures throughout Ireland can be arranged.

The bespoke brick services in Ireland provided by Brendan Mullen include; bespoke brick design, bespoke brick building, unique brick structure design and building unique brick structures.

image of unique brickwork structure from Brendan MullenUnique brick structural design in Ireland is provided by Brendan Mullen.

Unique brick features can be designed for all kinds of brick building projects, advice on what type of brick structures are best suited to individual buildings is provided and a photo portfolio of previously designed bespoke brickwork in Ireland can be viewed.

The bespoke brick structural design in Ireland available from Brendan Mullen includes, brick structure design, bespoke brick design, brick entrance design, brick architectural design and custom brick design.


image of unique brick structure Ireland by Brendan MullenBuilding unique brick structures in Ireland is a speciality of Brendan Mullen.

As a master craftsman bricklayer, Brendan can build all types of unique brick projects; twisted brick archway building is undertaken, extraordinary exterior brick features can be built and quotations on building bespoke brick structures in Ireland are provided.

The unique brick structures in Ireland built by Brendan Mullen are decorative brickwork that is ideal for; hotel entrances, private house entrances, garden archways, luxury residences, garden features and industrial estates.

image of unique brick fireplace by Brendan MullenBespoke interior brick feature building in Ireland is provided by Brendan Mullen.

All types of interior bespoke brick building are undertaken, all shapes and designs of interior brick structures can be built and Brendan is highly experienced in building functional unique brick fireplaces.

The interior bespoke brick laying in Ireland provided by Brendan Mullen includes; building bespoke brick fireplaces, building interior bespoke feature walls, building bespoke brick stove inlays, building bespoke brick stove chambers and all types of interior bespoke brickwork.

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