Connacht Cleaning Services provide commercial kitchen cleaning services throughout Ireland Including counties; Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Galway and Roscommon.

Specializing in commercial kitchen cleaning, Connacht Cleaning Services have the most up-to-date commercial kitchen cleaning equipment, allowing them to clean all commercial kitchen premises in all types of industry.

The Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services provided by this Irish Commercial Kitchen Cleaning company include; industrial kitchen cleaning, healthcare kitchen cleaning, catering kitchen cleaning and all local and private sector kitchen cleaning.

Specializing in the cleaning of catering and commercial kitchens in Ireland, Connacht's catering kitchen cleaning service is the ideal cleaning choice for anyone in the catering industry.

The dedicated and experienced staff in this commercial kitchen cleaning company ensure that all commercial kitchen cleaning projects are in strict adherence to the highest Irish Health and Safety standards.

This Irish catering kitchen cleaning service includes the cleaning of the following :Hotel kitchens, restaurant kitchens, Guesthouse kitchens, golf club kitchens, clubhouse kitchens and canteen kitchens.

Nursing homes and hospital kitchen cleans form a large part of Connacht Cleaning Services commercial kitchen cleaning sector.

The Healthcare Kitchen Cleaning division is proud of its Health and Safety status, both in its insistence on best practice and in its impeccable record with healthcare kitchen cleaning.

The kitchen cleaning services provided include the cleaning of kitchens in nursing homes, residential units, hospitals, schools, colleges, nurseries and prisons.

Connacht Kitchen Cleaning Services provide cleaning for industrial kitchens nationwide.

The Industrial Kitchen Service specializes in the cleaning and sanitizing of industrial kitchens.

This cleaning and sanitizing service is available for kitchens in the following: ovens, hobs, coolers, freezers, ducts, canopies, sinks and drains

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