Based in Dunboyne, Co.Meath, Ray Duffy Lightning Technology specialise in providing Lightning Protection and coordinated surge protection systems to the highest standard.

Since its inception in 2007, RDLT has been involved in the design, supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems on numerous high profile projects, including Christchurch Cathedral, the Suir river bridge in Waterford, Ashford Castle Hotel and Spa in Mayo.

This Lightning Protection company in Meath also worked extensively with some of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies, technology developers, and online retailers, specialising in the design and installation of comprehensive lightning protection systems for large-scale data halls, manufacturing plants, and volatile structures such as fuel storage depots and pressured chemical storage.

What is lightning protection?

The Principles of lightning protection are often misunderstood. For decades, a simple strip of (usually 25x3) copper tape running from a lightning terminal into an earth rod was considered to be ample protection!

This outdated principle, believe it or not, has actually carried over into modern times, with the introduction of ESE, or “Early Streamer Emission” devices. The efficacy of these devices are dubious at best, and they are not certified for use in Ireland. Lightning is, by its very nature, an unpredictable and extremely volatile elemental force. Would you install half a roof on your house and expect to stay dry? Then why install half a lightning protection system!

All LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) must confirm to a rigid and unforgiving set of standards, based on decades of extensive scientific research (as outlined in the European Standard for Protection of Structures and their Contents against Lightning IS EN62305:2006.)

Ray Duffy Lightning technology provides fully certified Lightning protection systems throughout Meath and Ireland and keep within the stadards of ESE.

Ray Duffy Lightning technology provide structural protection in all LPS by fitting conductive material to a building in a structure known as a “Faraday Cage”, with connections to earthing points at fixed intervals on the ground.

RDLT also install a coordinated SPD (Surge Protection Device) set, in order to ensure a high level of protection against both structural damage AND damage to valuable electronic systems.

A frequently overlooked part of any Lightning Protection System is the earth-resistivity testing, which is a vital step in measuring the effectiveness of the LPS, and mandatory in order for it to be certified. RDLT are experts in providing solutions based on earth-resistivity testing results, and are able to provide the required yearly maintenance on any LPS they install.

The faraday cage is installed alongside a coordinated SPD (Surge Protection Device) set, and a detailed series of earth-resistivity tests, in order to ensure a high level of protection against both structural damage AND damage to valuable electronic systems.

Too often are vital aspects of these systems overlooked, so how can you be sure your installation is up to standard?

The answer is simple: Choose a company founded and run on one simple principle – anything that isn’t up to the very highest standard, be it design, installation, or maintenance, is simply unacceptable. We have been involved in this business for 20 years, and that experience means you’ll never have to worry about getting the best service.

Why choose RDLT?

RDLT is a company with a long history in this unique and taxing business. Before founding RDLT, Ray Duffy himself has been involved in Lightning Protection projects as far back as 1992 (in Nigeria for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) and since 1995 in Ireland.

All technicians in RDLT are fully qualified and fully experienced to carry out all Lightning protection and coordinated surge protection systems throughout Ireland to both commercial and industrial customers.

RDLT have prided themselves on keeping up to date with the changing standards in order to provide the most fully comprehensive lightning protection services across a variety of fields. Whether you are looking to protect a large commercial property, a public premises, church, or even a residence, RDLT will provide you with the highest possible standard of service.

For more Information call: 086 3315874 or 01 8252910