Mayo’s Seasoned Firewood Centre in Westport provide top quality seasoned wood at competitive prices.  Seasoned firewood produces more heat and reduces chimney fires.

Marty at Seasoned Firewood in Westport stock environmentally friendly and cost effective fuel.

Stock at Seasoned Firewood include blocks of firewood, high quality seasoned firewood, bulk fuel, economy fuel, open fireplaces fuel, stove burner fuel, dried wood, chopped wood, fuel for outdoor wood burners, environmentally friendly fuel, fuel for outdoor burners and free wood delivery.

Get the most from your wood burning stove and range cooker with properly seasoned wood from Seasoned Firewood in Mayo. 

Staff at this reputable seasoned wood centre will advice you about firewood for your particular type of wood burning stove or open fire.  

Firewood available from Seasoned Wood in Mayo is perfect for pot bellied stoves, wood burning stoves, outdoor wood burners, ranger cookers, wood pellet stoves, clearance stoves, boiler stoves, workshop stoves, open fires, wood fire aroma, ambience from wood fire, reduce chances of fire and less chimney condensates.  

Seasoned wood is an environmentally friendly fuel option available in bulk from the Seasoned Wood Centre in Westport.

Burning firewood from Seasoned Firewood Centre in Mayo reduce environmental pollutants as firewood is a carbon neutral fuel.

Firewood from Seasoned Wood protects the environment, reduces air pollutants, offsets carbon dioxide, carbon neutral fuel, reduces smoke, gives a clean burn, contributes to health of planet, environmentally friendly, sustainable fuel source, biomass fuel, environmentally conscious fuel.

Seasoned Wood in Mayo offers a free delivery of seasoned fire wood straight to your home or business.  The spiraling cost of gas and oil make buying firewood such as seasoned wood a cost friendly alternative.

Burning seasoned wood from Westport produces cheaper domestic hot water and reduced central heating costs.

Avail of the following economic benefits by using economy fuel from Seasoned Wood in Mayo: cheap fuel, cheap heating, economic water heating, discounted bulk buying wood,  free delivery, cheapest fuel option, save money on fuel etc.

For more information contact Marty of Seasoned Wood in Mayo on 083 4197464