SP Heat Transfer are a Waterford based Alloy wheel and Oil Cooler repair specialist, providing new Alloy wheels, Alloy wheel repairs, Alloy wheel refurbishment and oil cooler repairs for all types of vehicles in Waterford and Kilkenny.

With over 15 years experience with Alloy wheels and oil cooler repairs, SP Heat Transfer provide a fast, professional and quality Alloy wheel service in Waterford, Kilkenny and surrounding areas at very affordable prices.

This Alloy wheel specialist provide alloy wheels for all types of vehicles including new alloys wheels for cars, van’s, motorbikes and provide a fast efficient Alloy wheel fitting service in Waterford and Kilkenny.

Alloy wheel repair by SP Heat Transfer offer a complete Alloy Wheel Repair Service in Waterford and Kilkenny.

Services from this Alloy wheel repair service in Waterford and Kilkenny include cracked alloy wheels, buckled alloy wheels, dented alloy wheels, wheel twist repair and kerb damage.

Oil cooler repairs in Waterford and Kilkenny are provided by SP Heat Transfer.

SP Heat transfer can repair or rebuild oil coolers in a stronger material than the existing coolers.

The Oil Cooler repairs and rebuild services offered by SP Heat Transfers include, oil cooler repairs, oil cooler rebuilds, oil cooler replacements, aluminum oil cooler replacements, copper oil cooler replacements, affordable oil cooler repairs and oil coolers for all cars.

The Alloy wheel refurbishment center in Waterford will  make your Alloy wheels look new again and add value to your vehicle with SP Heat Transfer Alloy wheel refurbishment service in Waterford and Kilkenny.

The Alloy wheel refurbishment service in Waterford provide a top quality alloy wheel finish and have an extensive range of alloy wheel colours and provide an alloy wheel colour matching service.  

The refurbishment services provided by this Waterford alloy wheels refurbishment company include, scraped alloys, scuffed alloys, dented alloys, wear and tear, minor scratches and all alloy wheel damage.

For more information contact SP Heat Transfer 087 250846 / 051 832273051